Thursday, February 24, 2011

Good Comic Shops?

This is going to be a brief post -- I'm trying to contact comic shop owners to make sure they know about Nonplayer, and I could use some suggestions for shops you like. If you want Nonplayer available at your local shop, make sure to add them to the comments!

To sweeten the deal, I'm offering a free signed poster to any shop owner who gets back to me. Please don't ask me for a free poster if you don't run a comic shop -- I'm printing these with my own money, and I'm poor. 

The poster may be difficult to send to non-North American comic shops, but I'd still like some overseas suggestions, too. I'll see what I can do on a case-by-case basis.

Thanks guys!

As a reminder, this is what the poster looks like:


  1. Bedrock City Comics in Houston, TX. Although I'd be surprised if they didn't add it already, it's been on my pull list since I first heard about it and they're pretty good about checking special requests. i think they may be the biggest shop in Texas.

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  3. Oh man, I'd love to pick up a copy at my local comic shop here in Pittsburgh. They don't have an official site so their myspace page is the closest thing.

    Also here's an email I found off of there.

    I'm really looking forward to the comic, best of luck finishing it!

  4. I'd love to be able to get this from my comic shop in Ann Arbor, MI, Vault of Midnight:

  5. What if we just want to BUY the poster? Give us a paypal account dude, and I'll send you money :-)

    In the meantime, comics bug in Manhattan Beach, CA -

  6. On Comic Ground in San Diego -

  7. Comic Stop in Redmond (they have a location in Lynnwood and Everett)


    Corner Comics in Totem Lake

    Dreamstrand Comics in Greenwood

    There are probably a bunch of places around Renton/South Center that I'm missing, but these are the shops I frequent when I have the time.

  8. Would love to see it at Captain Nemo's Comics in San Luis Obispo, CA.

  9. desert island in brooklyn!

    i cant wait to read this!

  10. Chicago Comics in...Chicago. High traffic area, great layout, they even commissioned Alex Ross to do a poster for their store.

  11. Here are the ones I frequent:

    Hope you get it into one o those, I've been dropping the word.

  12. If you're planning on sending some to Toronto, Ontario, these two are the best:
    The Silver Snail:
    The Beguiling:
    Both are extremely artist-friendly, especially the Beguiling. Good luck!

  13. the beguiling in toronto!

  14. Comicopolis in Santa Cruz, Calif.

  15. In Paris you can contact Album Comics
    (Street adress : Album 67 Boulevard St Germain, 75005 Paris) or Pulp's comics: Rue Dante, 75005 Paris), hope I can find your book there soon !

  16. I dunno about comic shop,

    but can I order the comic online and shiped to my place, even I life in south Asia?

  17. OK Comics in Leeds, UK. Hands down one of the best comic shops I've ever been in. I used to work there, so I WOULD say that, but I totally stand by that.

  18. Strange Adventures in Halifax, NS and Fredericton, NB is definitely worth a look ( I've always found them very supportive of new books and a wonderful repository of great comics.

  19. Thanks, guys! I'll be contacting these shops today. I really appreciate all your help -- I've got more than 80 shops on the list now.

    Typing up a storm...

    Archie-The-RedCat - I won't be able to deliver comics abroad myself, but there are lots of online comic retailers that can ship to you. Have you tried or Sorry I couldn't help more!

  20. Books, Comics and Things, Fort Wayne, IN

  21. Downtown Comics
    11 E Market St
    Indianapolis, IN 46204

    (317) 237-0397

    Very well known shop in Indianapolis with several locations.

  22. Dr. Comics and Mr. Games in Oakland CA

    I've been loving the blog since the start, and can't wait to read the book!

  23. Gosh! ( in London, UK, is about the best comic store I've ever used.

    My current local is Comics Heaven ( in Stockholm, Sweden.

    Good luck with everything, looking forward to reading it.

  24. Hey dude, I manage the Newcastle branch of Forbidden Planet in England ( we're definately stocking your book: it's already ordered and I'm telling everyone about it!
    Best of luck to you!

  25. Okay, I've contacted Books, Comics and Things, Downtown Comics, Dr. Comics, Gosh, and Comics Heaven (as well as all those others from before). Thanks for your help, guys!

    devilmonkey - Forbidden Planet has been really, really helpful so far. Thanks so much, Peter! I hope to visit you guys in person someday.

  26. Hi Nate,

    My hometown fav ever since it opened has been 'Heroes Comics and Cards' in Fresno CA.

    Webpage is:

    Its a great store and Dave, the owner was one of the first to get the Image guys in person for signing to his store when Image was created. Highly recommend them.

  27. dancooper_081181 - Comics Heaven in Stockholm got back to me, but they said because nobody has put a hold or pull on Nonplayer, they plan to wait for the trade. So if you Swedes want a shot at picking these up as they come out, you may want to pay Kåge a visit and change his mind! Go Sweden!

    capt_parsons - I sent a message off to Heroes Comics this morning. Thanks as always for the help, Captain Parsons!

  28. We will be getting it instore @ the Forbiddenplanet Cardiff in the uk. Looks great cant wait to read it! Ben

  29. okay than, just let me know if Nonplayer are ready to be purchase online.
    I want your comic so badly.. >..<
    they are AMAZING!!

  30. Universe of Superheroes in Jacksonville, FL!

    Mishawaka, IN.
    Give Casey a shout.

  32. Comic Oasis does a pretty good job pushing Image books in Vegas...
    3121 N Rainbow Blvd.
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89108

    I'd be interested to know how your poster campaign ends up turning out!

  33. Hi Nate
    Here are a few shops in Dublin.

    Name: Forbidden Planet
    Where: 5-6 Crampton Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland
    Manager: Kevin Lyons
    Opening Hours Monday to Saturday 10.00 AM ­ 6.00 PM
    Thursday 10.00 AM ­ 7.00 PM
    Sunday 11.00 PM ­ 4.00 PM
    Selling: genre books, comics, graphic novels, posters, t-shirts,action figures, plush toys
    Telephone: 00353 1 671 0688
    Contact email:

    Name: Story
    Where: 8 Crow Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland
    Opening Hours Monday to Saturday 12.00 PM ­ 6.00 PM
    Thursday 12.00 PM ­ 7.00 PM
    Sunday 3.00 PM ­ 6.00 PM
    Selling: secondhand comics and graphic novels (Marvel, DC, Image, manga, etc), independent comics, underground comics, old UK comics, old UK annuals, 2000AD back issues, old magazines, Irish comics, posters, anime DVDs
    Telephone: N/A
    Website: N/A
    Contact email:

    Name: The 3rd Place
    Where: 17 Crow Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland
    Manager: John Hendrick
    Opening Hours Monday to Saturday 10.00 AM ­ 6.30 PM
    Thursday 10.00 AM ­ 8.00 PM
    Sunday 12.00 PM ­ 6.00 PM
    Selling: comics, graphic novels, action figures, statues, model kits, t-shirts
    Telephone: 00353 1 633 6964
    Contact email:

    Name: The 4th Dimension
    Where: 17 Crow Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 (under The 3rd Place), Ireland
    Manager: Gavin Castles
    Opening Hours Saturday 11.00 AM ­ 6.30 PM
    Sunday 1.00 PM­ 7.00 PM
    Selling: gaming supplies, CCGs, RPGs, Heroclix
    Telephone: N/A
    Contact email:

    Name: Sub City
    Where: 2 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
    Manager: Robert Curley
    Opening Hours Monday to Wednesday 9.30 AM ­ 6.30 PM
    Thursday 9.30 AM ­ 8.00 PM
    Friday 9.30 PM ­ 7.30 PM
    Sunday 12.00 PM ­ 6.00 PM
    Selling: comics, graphic novels, action figures, t-shirts, gaming supplies
    Telephone: 00353 1 677 1902
    Website: N/A
    Contact email:

  34. Trying to hook you up with Dr. Volts in Utah:

  35. I've been getting my comics from Lori at Odin's Cosmic Bookshelf for years now. I've already added Nonplayer to my list there, but here's the contact info if you want to say hello:
    Tell her I sent you!

  36. ben, Archie, insidethetargetcar, Nolan, JKorn, Jor, Jer, John - I've added all these stores to my contact list and will try to get to them over the weekend. A cursory examination has turned up a couple of problems -- The 3rd Place and Story appear to be out of business, and I can't find and email address for Buy Me Toys. Otherwise, everything looks a-okay. Thanks so much, guys! Three days to go before the point of no return!

  37. If it's not too late, here's my local store. Bill Pappas is the owner and he runs a really indie friendly shop; VERY friendly to Image as of late so I'm sure he's already ordered at least some of your book already.

    Bill's Books and More - Canton, OH

  38. If you're still looking, these are two of the best shops I've ever been lucky enough to buy from:

    Comic Commander
    579 Hwy. 51, Suite D
    Ridgeland, MS 39157

    Atomik Comiks
    213 East Main Street
    Johnson City, TN 37604-5707
    (423) 929-0317

  39. Luke and Don - I've added these three stores to my contact list. Thanks for the leads, guys!