Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nonplayer #1 Back in Stores Today

Nonplayer #1 is back on the stands today! If you live someplace without a comic shop, I have bad news and good news. Bad news: you don't have a comic shop, which is sad. Good news: you can now also buy Nonplayer #1 at the Nonplayer online store! International shipping is available, as well. 

Here's the product description:

Nonplayer #1 - Second Printing.
32 pages, full color. Contains pinups by Brandon Graham, Ben Templesmith, and Moritat. Final page includes a letter from the artist.
Includes polypropylene bag with backing board. Shipped in a 9"x12" non-bendable envelope.
All copies will be signed inside the front cover. 


  1. Got mine via Comixology for my iPad. Loved it and drooling for the second issue. Well done!

  2. Hoping to be able to order a hard copy online and have it shipped to Barbados. Digital comics are good, but there's nothing like holding a comic in your hands and reading it. Any suggestions for online retailers who might sell it?

  3. WOOHOOO!!! I have it on my ipad but I've been waiting to be able to order the real thing!

  4. I hope this second printing sells out for you too, Nate.
    -I can't wait to get my copy(s)

  5. I just picked up a copy at my local comic shop. It had the letter in the back, but it wasn't sealed with any pin ups, so I guess they took those out ;_;

    What would really make my day is a desktop wallpaper...The life-skin two page spread as a wallpaper would be awesome ;)

  6. Hi, Due to an error at my local store i have only just now got my hands on this Masterpiece. I must say i was blown away by the detail in the drawings, that was a year well spent my friend. I look forward to issue 2 Take your time and make it shine :-D

    Also, I agree with Sketch Hurricane, a desktop wallpaper of the Like-Skin would be Damn Cool.