Friday, July 15, 2011

San Diego Do-Over

I've been making noises like I wouldn't be making it to San Diego Comic Con this year, but it turns out those noises were inaccurate. I'll be at the Image booth next Friday from 3:45 to 4:45. Feel free to swing by and say hello -- I'm happy to answer questions, talk shop, smile at babies, sign stuff, talk with babies, shop for questions, quest for answers, and sign babies.

See you there!


  1. Fantastic! I'll bring my baby... Actually I won't be there. Maybe I'll catch you at a different show.
    Hey check it out, I've moved from Live journal to blogspot. Not a huge step forward, But it's something.

  2. HA!
    Well, after all, Baby signings are all the rage from what I hear.

  3. Hi! Completely off-topic (I just read your Newsarama interview from April), but: any man who favors A Fire Upon the Deep is a man after my own heart. But also, listing Supreme Commander 2 and Starfleet Command 2 under 'games you've never heard of' was a bit overly modest of you. There's a significant overlap between games and comics audiences, and Gas Powered Games aren't exactly a fringe company. Feel free to use your gaming cred a bit more.

  4. hi im aswad and im from malaysia. i managed to find your nonplayer no 1 and i love the art and style.
    and thank God that the story also rocks.

    i am happy to hear that you are taking the time to come out with #2. i think that is the best way to produce great art.
    i am glad you are not rushing it.

    i think the key to a great or long lasting work is taking the time to ensure the quality of the work.

    for example im a fan of the artwork of a japanese manga series called Air Gear (the story not so much but i love the manga anyway.)... this particular manga takes its time between issues and initially, i had problems waiting for the next issues... but after a while, after witnessing the artwork that came out issue after issue, i came to realized that if the artist needs the time to produce this level of art, so be it, because at the end of the day, when it comes out.. the audience or reader will benefit from the beautiful art for our mind to witness and our spirit to explore.

    so keep up the good work. and yes, it is hard to get a copy of your comic over here regardless of whatever comic distributor you may have contacted in malaysia says.
    but i am patient for the comic.
    true great art will travel far.