Tuesday, August 9, 2011

NEAR MINTerview Podcast

Quickie post (because darn it, I should be drawing right now).

My interview with Ben Peirce over at the NEAR MINTerview podcast went up today. If you're interested in hearing the details about how Nonplayer evolved from pictures on this blog into a full-on Image comic, you may find our chat illuminating! We also talk about the reasons for the issue 2 delay, as well as what's being done to get it finished. Plus lots of other stuff.

Ben's a great interviewer. I really enjoyed doing this one.



  1. The word "dystopian" was used in this interview to describe Dana's real-world life. Am I the only one who did NOT feel this way? I just assumed she lived in a not so far off future, living day-to-day life with a pinch (okay, maybe more than a "pinch") of escapism. Did I miss a Big Brother poster, or better yet, a subliminal piece of "Obey" propaganda in my issue?

  2. Ryan: We haven't seen anything of the "real" world yet.

  3. i recall Nathan calling the future a dystopia in an earlier post here, but i guess his thoughts have evolved some. We know its post some kind of 'event' so i guess maybe that feeds into the characters need for escapism

  4. I think this interview will go some to answer some of the net "haters" (I haven't spotted any of that my self, but your last post said there was a bit of that) I can see how some might think "Bah! He's just done one comic! he doesn't deserve, blah, blah, blah" Like you've done a small amount of work and now there's a movie!
    It's clear you've done loads of work.
    I mean, who calls 200 retailers!?!
    Well I guess successful people do.

    That's enough about you, where's my freakin' movie! Whaaaaa!

  5. Nate, thank you for posting the link to the interview and thank you for being so candid and honest. It is a long interview and I am glad I listened to it the whole way through so I could get the sobering reality that was presented at the end of the discussion - that even you, the break-out star of the business, who is celebrated for your mastery of the medium will have to find a day job to continue producing the series. After all your hard work and staying true to your vision, your reward will be more deadlines and not a whole lot of money to show for it. It was also important to hear that the guys who do nothing but comics end up burnt out, in poor health and broke. There must be a flood of aspiring creators at your door - and I am just another one - and we all need to hear this. It changes my expectations - but it doesn't change the fact that I will still keep toward pushing my vision and seeing if it can happen.

    Thank you.

  6. Ryan - Yeah, it's interesting how sci-fi has conditioned us to think of setting in such binary terms. I don't think I'd classify Nonplayer's setting as dystopian, but there are certainly some ways that the future hasn't shined up all that nicely. I think I may have used the "d" word in a prior interview to underline the difference between Jarvath and the real world, but in general, there isn't anything about Nonplayer that fits the strict, "everything-is-bad" definition of "dystopia."

  7. Vinod - Thank you, sir.

    Eagle - Really? Huh.

    Naive Conceptualist - Bingo!

    Spleenal - That's my question exactly. Where is your movie? You have an agent, right?

    wren - Yeah, to see the drawbacks listed out like that, it can look like a pretty tough, thankless life. But if you take a step back it gets pretty simple: if you enjoy drawing, you'll find time to do it in between all the things you do to make money. The trick is to avoid hurrying. If you can patiently work without focusing too much on the fruits of your labor, it can be a very beautiful life.

  8. I meant not enough to really understand it. We saw that dry-canal-looking space covered in graffiti, but the jogging school girls and well-maintained waldos and Mexi-Nipponese delivery scooter job don't exactly scream "dystopia" to me.

    It makes me scream "Christ, I wanna see MOAR RIGHT NAO," but that's something else entirely.