Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hat In Hand

Does anyone work at, or know someone who works at, a Seattle-area game studio that may be looking to hire a reasonably genre-agnostic concept artist/comic book creator/low-poly modeler? Because I know a guy... oh, who am I fooling? I need a job.

This does not spell the end of Nonplayer -- in fact, this is just about the only way that Nonplayer has any chance of getting finished. And if I turn out to work faster while holding down a day job, I'm going to be kind of mad at myself for this whole meandering sabbatical. More mad at myself than I already am, I mean.

If anyone knows of an opening, please contact me at nonplayercomic at gmail. Resume and portfolio available on request. Apologies for the blog-spam.



  1. I'm in the same boat. I'm a web developer. Been out of work for over 6 months. I've been working on comics and teaching a class on making comics at a Community College. You are an inspiration to me. I've been trying to figure out how we all could be creative full time, without having to keep a day job. Still haven't found the answer, but if I do, I'll let you know. Keep up the good work. I can't wait for NonPlayer #2.

  2. Amazon is looking for folks. They're ramping up for their Android Market and looking to break into the games sector a bit.

  3. It's a bit sad to hear that you're looking for a job, sir. That just means that one can not truly live without having a day job. :(

  4. its not a videogame company, but the makers of Warmachine, Privateer Press, were looking for a lead concept artist not too long ago. theyre located in Bellevue. I know there are a bunch of warner brothers studios in the washington area that are hiring too.


  5. I don't keep up with specific opportunities but cgsociety.org and cghub.com each have a regularly-updated list of cg-related jobs. Otherwise you could try recording a hit song or becoming a Youtube star (how hard could it be?)! Incidentally, I've appreciated your blog, including this job search entry, as both an inspiration and a dose of reality.

  6. Mr. Simpson, you must focus on Nonplayer BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. You hinted at the pressures of economic reality in your Near Mint interview, but there are lots of concept artist out there who can keep the creative wheels of the gaming industry going - only you can produce Nonplayer. I am guessing that you are familiar with Kickstarter. If you aren't, its a site for funding creative projects, and it works. There is even a special section for funding comics.
    I think this site exists just for creative brilliance like yours and there are plenty of lesser projects getting funded on this site. Please post an entry to raise the funds you need to push forward with Nonplayer. I will clean out my bank account to make a contribution, and I think many others will as well.
    God Bless.

  7. BioWare up here in Edmonton is looking for a concepter. ;)

  8. Nate, although I don't have a job to offer you but I'd just like to show my support to you! :D

  9. sorry, I know you're asking about a job here, but I have a question, Nate. Forgive me if this comes across as rude, but doesn't the money made from your first issue with Image help to support you during this time? Like I said, don't want this question to be perceived as being rude, I'm just curious.

  10. Ted - Yeah, if you figure out the magic formula, please share it with the rest of us. I suspect it has something to do with drawing one comic per month, rather than one per year.

    Peter - I will go to their jobs page immediately. Thanks for the suggestion!

    INGGO - I, too, find it sad. I like to think of it as a tactical retreat, rather than an outright defeat. My failure certainly doesn't mean that you can't make a living doing what you love. It just means you have to draw faster than I do.

  11. sirfrancisdrake - Thanks for the suggestion! I have contacted Privateer Press, and I'm waiting for their reply. Looks like I sweet gig -- fingers crossed!

    Ben - I like your hit song idea. I'll try that one.

    wren - I am humbled and amazed by your passion. I really appreciate your enthusiasm for Nonplayer -- I feel similarly about it, which is why I'll be continuing to work on it in my spare time. I explored the kickstarter idea, and while it looked like a good way to get some interim funding, it won't bring in a real wage, nor will it cover medical benefits for my family. Nope, it's a real job for me, at least for the time being. There are a lot of things that could pan out in the long term and allow me to go back to the comic full-time (namely, a movie getting made), but for now I'm afraid "real" employment is my only remaining option. Trust me -- I've spent the last year racking my brain trying to figure out a way to pay the bills with this thing, and it turns out that it's just straight-up hard to do! Don't worry, we'll still get there. Maybe I'll even pick up some new drawing tricks at my next place of work?

    Thanks, Wren!

    Cibo - Edmonton... Seems like kind of a long commute from Seattle. :)

    Peggy - Aw, thanks! Your sympathy is appreciated!

  12. jpierreponte - Good question! All in all, if you include the posters and comics I've been selling online, I think I've cleared about $8000 bucks. That's actually REALLY good for a single issue of a comic, but given how slowly the thing comes out, it's nowhere near enough. As time passes, new income streams will become available (collections, foreign reprints), but that takes some time. I still haven't given up on Nonplayer -- it just may take a while before it starts generating significant income.

  13. I completely understand. Right now I am attempting to have 10 pages done quickly for a comic of a web series. There is no deadline as it's a new part of the series and has not been introduced yet, but if I don't act like I'm on a deadline, I'll take it more seriously and do what needs to be done to get it out ASAP. I work 10hrs a day, 5 days a week, which means I have a few hours to relax before I start sketching out another page. If I had the 10hrs to dedicate to the pages I would definitely get through a lot faster, cuz this really does require a full day to accomplish. I keep telling myself that regardless of what I think of it, people might think differently, so I try not to be TOO harsh with myself. And at the end of the day you can't please everyone, but the ones that you do will appreciate all your hard work.
    Nate, as one guy has posted before, you are an inspiration to many. I hope you don't look at it as heavy crown to wear. It just is what it is. You've started the ball rolling, and I know'll get it rolling again. I can't wait to see the next issue of Non Player, but I'll wait if that's what it takes to see it. Good luck, and thanks for responding.

  14. i'm a concept artist too, unfortunately the place that i work at, Runic Games, isn't hiring, but here is another that's hiring.


    best of luck, im sure you'll have no issue getting a gig.

  15. ok i found another, lol....


    i check this site peridocially, it lists all the dev houses in each city. You can check their sites for job opportunities.


  16. sirfrancisdrake - Wow, your work is very beautiful! At times like this, I rue my "comicky" drawing style. You, you can PAINT!

    Thanks for the leads -- I've applied to both positions you recommended. Much obliged, Mike!

  17. "An amateur is someone who supports himself with outside jobs which enable him to paint. A professional is someone whose wife works to enable him to paint"

    Ben Shahn

  18. Hey thanks for the painting compliment, thats one of the benefits of a studio with lots of artists in it, you improve super quick by stealing all their tricks.

    i know of other jobs, but i dont know if u want to stay in seattle or not.


  19. Come to Vancouver! Tons of studios, a ton of work, a ton of rain! It's Seattle on job crack! Call me when you get here...

  20. sirfrancisdrake - Yes, I'm hoping to pick up some new chops from whomever I end up working with. Alas, I'll have to stay in Seattle for the time being, partly because my wife has a job here, and partly because I really like this town. Thanks again for the suggestions!

    Mike - Man, I would love to work in Vancouver. The last time I made an attempt, the visa turned out to be an issue. That, and my wife is a Korean who is establishing residency in the States, which makes moving to Canada even more complicated. But ah, I do love Vancouver. I will join you there in spirit.

  21. Nate, microsoft is looking for a couple of concept artists (Halo and Turn 10) and I have a good friend at Bungie who is the concept art lead that I'd be happy to introduce you to, also 5th cel is looking http://www.5thcell.com/jobs/ and I'm sure there are others, try looking here http://www.gamedevmap.com/index.php?tool=location&query=Seattle and feel free to drop me a line at gameyogi@gmail.com for more info

    Now does anyone know a great 3d character modeler that would be interested in a lead position in China, if so ping me.
    -Mike Christian

  22. Nothing specific, but might be worth keeping an eye on things over here...


  23. If you don't mind it being casual games, you might wanna try Popcap - I dunno what they're looking for right now, but I get the impression from my buddies who work there that they're generally kinda expanding after EA bought 'em.

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  25. Nate, just checking in to see how you and all your projects and needs are going.
    a supporter in the SF Bay Area,
    steven lim