Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Podcasts are Better Than Arm Casts

Hi guys!

Arm's out of the sling and I'm drawing again. Hopefully we can push through to the end now.

I participated in a couple of podcasts this week. First, I was interviewed by Gaincarlo Paniccia over at Complete Geek Radio, and we had a splendid little chat. Thanks, Giancarlo!

Then I had a fascinating conversation with a couple of other artists who have been climbing Mount Comics over the last two years, Jason Brubaker of ReMIND and Daniel Lieske of the Wormworld Saga. We talked for more than two hours, and the first half of that epic roundtable can be found here. These guys are industrious, talented, and articulate creators, and I expect that a lot of interesting stuff will come out of this podcast in the future.