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Oh God, They've Started Talking

Page 4. Click to enlarge. More blabbing below the image. Faces are tough. It's amazing how sensitive we are to minor irregularities in proportion and symmetry. I remember when I was working on the Stareater comic (drawn in pencil on bristol), I'd end up erasing all the way through the board in places -- usually when a face wouldn't come together right. Doing it digitally is easier (because you can bump an eye up a pixel if it looks hinky) but also harder (because you can spend hours bumping an eye up and down by a pixel, trying to figure out which way works better). Dialogue is a whole other thing, and I freely admit that I'm bad at it. I'll be revising the text right up to the end, I'm sure. I had just read Riddley Walker (a post-apocalyptic novel written entirely in a massively-simplified pidgin English), and for a few days I had one of my characters talking like a chimney sweep. You have to be careful what you read while you're working on something like t

Page 3

Page 3 done. Click to enlarge.

First Steps

Here are pages one and two. I'll try to post each page as I finish (and double back as I start to color everything). Some of the images lose some legibility due to the all-overness of the detail. Color should clarify things a little. These were drawn in Photoshop using a Cintiq tablet monitor . Page 1. Click to enlarge. Page 2.