Thursday, March 3, 2011


It looks like my initial poster-signing schedule was erroneous. It turns out the convention center opens at 2pm tomorrow (Friday), which, it turns out, is after the planned 11am signing. So it looks like I'll just be doing it on Saturday from 11am to noon. Until that also turns out to be wrong.

I'll be at the convention all three days, and the posters will be in boxes behind somebody's table, somewhere. If you see me roaming the floor and you want a poster, we may have to conduct the transaction like a smack deal. I'll send a runner to the stash and have it brought out to you, barring the appearance of 5-0.

Still ironing out some kinks, obviously.


  1. Hang out at the overpriced food court with me and my kid?

  2. I'll be there this afternoon with some poster money to slip under the table.

  3. Peter - Sorry I didn't get a chance to get away from my table to hang out with you and your little tyke. He's just a ball of awesomeness, though, isn't he? You must be proud.

    auds - Thanks for coming by, Audrey! I hope I didn't seem too distracted. I think by the time you got to me I was pretty blown out. But it was great to see you (and the work you've done recently - wow!).